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Chios vacation villas in the Greek Islands
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ne of the largest and most interesting of the Greek islands, Chios has been little touched by tourism.

From ancient times, through Homer to occupation by the Genoese, Venetians and finally the Turks, Chios has had a turbulent and fascinating history.

It is this history that has given the island a wide diversity of architecture and many places of interest to see.

Visit one of its Medieval walled villages like Mesta or Byzantine Church and Monastery of Nea Moni. Wander round the Cambos area of Chios town with its imposing Genoese and Venetian mansions sitting in their large orange and mandarin groves. Take a drive down to the beach of Kato Fana and its ancient temple of Apollo. Contrast the rugged mountainous North and its simple villages, with the more cultivated mastica growing South.

As you travel across Chios' varied landscape you will find an abundance of beaches to choose from, tavernas to stop at, something else to discover and somewhere else to bring its rich history alive

For more information from ministry of culture of Greece click here.

Chios vacation villas in the Greek Islands

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