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olissos lies on the North West Coast of the island, 40 km from the main town and the airport. Built on a hill, the village spills down from the 11th Century Genoese castle in a cluster of small streets and houses. As you wander round these narrow lanes you quickly realise that Volissos is still very much a traditional village. From the Saddle Maker to the Baker still baking over his wood fired oven, from the Cheese Maker to the locals returning from the fields on their donkeys Volissos allows you a glimpse of vanishing Greece. The villagers are welcoming and friendly treating tourists as visitors. Children will quickly make friends playing in the main square with the local children or just hanging out at the Cafe/Bar.

Whether you come as a family, alone or as a couple, Volissos has something for everybody looking to relax and unwind in its peaceful tranquility.
Volissos is not a tourist village, the majority of people returning in the summer grew up in the village. Even so you will find everything you need for your holiday. The main square has two grocers, a butchers, the baker and a Greek sweet and pastry maker. A green grocer comes twice a week selling his own produce from the back of a pickup. There is also a Doctor, Post Office, Telephone Exchange and ATM machine.

The village is 2 km from its small port of Limnia and the nearest beaches of Lefkathia and Limnos. Just a little further away is the 6 km long Managros beach. Apart from these which ever way you go up or down the coast there are numerous beaches to choose from making it always easy to find a secluded spot to enjoy the crystal waters of the Aegean. Volissos has many tavernas to choose from either down at the harbour and beach or up in the village, offering you a wide choice of good, traditional Greek food. There are also two cafe-bars in the port where you can sip your Ouzo watching the fishing boats come and go while the sun slips below the horizon.
Though it is possible to walk to the beaches we recommend that you rent a car or a motorbike which we can arrange for you and which will be waiting at the airport or delivered to Volissos.
As you sit on your terrace enjoying the mountains slowly turning pink in the last rays of the sun we hope that you will appreciate why we think that Volissos and our houses will allow you to relax, unwind and slowly slip into its peaceful rhythm. This quite tranquility broken only by the occasional hooting of an owl or braying of a donkey.



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